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Live Free Foods Stock Photos

What's the Deal?

We need some great photos to use on our website, to share with social media, and in some advertising. 

Instead of hiring models or even worse.. forcing our friends to pose for us. We thought we'd include our customers!

Here's how it works. We want to see you and your food (and our dressing)! If you buy any bottle of Live Free Foods dressing and send us a picture, we'll give you a coupon for a FREE bottle or 3-Pack of our dressing. 

The Rules

Buy any bottle of Live Free Salad Dressing. 

Use it in a meal or as a condiment 

Take a picture and send it to us 

Picture must be one of the below: 

  • Picture of bottle next to the meal/food
  • Picture of you enjoying the meal with bottle in picture
  • Picture of multiple people with food and bottle in picture

Allow us to use this image in advertising and social media. We will retain all rights to the image use 

Once we receive the image and your consent, we'll give you a coupon FREE dressing. A photo of a bottle next to meal/food will get one free bottle of your choice. A photo of people enjoying food with a bottle in the picture will get a free 3-Pack of dressing (with free shipping of course).

Photo submissions can be emailed to info@eatlivefree.com or sent to us via Facebook @eatlivefree