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About Us

Our Mission

To put it simply, we just want you to live a normal life. Being on a restrictive diet is hard, we get it. Especially a diet like Low FODMAP, where it seems like the list of foods you can eat is shorter than the list of foods you cannot. We are here to change the focus from what you can’t eat on a low-FODMAP diet to the great-tasting foods that you can have! Our mission is simple, to fill your pantry with food you don’t have to think twice about eating. 


Our Promise

We promise to never sacrifice taste in pursuit of the bottom line. 

We promise all of our products will be tested and verified to be safe during the elimination phase of the Low FODMAP diet.

We promise to make food so good, you’ll forget you are on a diet.


Our Story

 Products with Purpose

We’re on a mission to transform IBS and SIBO diets with great-tasting food products. We want to provide a tangible solution to a pressing need. Our founder, Scot, was a pharmaceutical rep who witnessed people suffering from IBS and similar issues. He noticed that people on the low-FODMAP diet were getting better results than people taking the top medicines on the market.

There was only one problem: the diet tasted terrible. And there were very few convenient options for busy people. Scot started talking to people on the diet, and one of the things people really wanted was a good Ranch dressing. So he set out to make a commercial low-FODMAP salad dressing that tasted good and still led to a happy gut.


Low FODMAP Salad Dressings to the Rescue

That’s when we coupled action with intention. We’re committed to making IBS-friendly salad dressings so delicious that you’ll forget they are:

Gut Health Promise

    Our process is a labor of love. For example, we emulsify our ingredients to produce a creamy dressing rather than taking shortcuts that would rob your taste buds. We are committed to making products full of mouth-watering goodness. We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice taste for healthand we’re here to prove it.


    The Future of Live Free Foods

    From your enthusiasm for our SIBO-friendly salad dressings, we think we’re on to something. We must agree that these dressings are worth the excitement!

    Our mission has always been to provide the food that you need in order to live a life you love. That’s why we rigorously test all of our products and certify that they are low-FODMAP without sacrificing quality for convenience.

    We are committed to continuing the products you love. In addition, we’re passionate about eventually producing more sauces, dips, and dressings as we grow that turn every meal into a celebration.